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Too many young people are lost, broken and dying.  

At Jude’s we are establishing pathways where people just like you can help provide programs, support, and challenge culture so youth will not miss out on the life they deserve.

Many of you have had your heart impacted by the death or brokenness of a young person.  “It just shouldn’t be like this!”  We get it. Our heart is the same.

The problems can seem overwhelming, and at times you can feel powerless and disempowered.  But together we can make a difference.

Every time you eat a meal, donate or volunteer with one of our youth pathways we impact a young person’s life.

Together we can change lives.

Who Is Jude?

Jude had a beautiful young friend who didn’t make it.  Who couldn’t see beyond the darkness.

Shattered, Jude wants every young person to know there is hope, there is love, and there is a good future.  Jude wants to do more than like or share a media post.  Jude wants to make a difference.

With every meal Jude buys, with every donation, and every volunteer moment a young person’s life is being impacted positively.

As Jude looks around he sees young people discovering who they are, their value, their future. But there’s more.  Jude sees a community flourishing because the next generation of young people are living life.

This is our story, the story of Jude’s cafe.


10 Year Goal

We’re striving to help a young person every single mealtime by 2022.

One meal = One life. That’s three youth a day, or 1095 youth each year.

Fact 1.

1 in 4 young Australian’s struggle with mental ill-health.

Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics

Fact 2.

1 in 10 young people aged 12-17 years old will self-harm.

1 in 13 will seriously consider a suicide attempt.

1 in 40 will attempt suicide.

Source: Beyond Blue 

Fact 3.

75% of Mental Health problems will occur before the age of 25


Source: Beyond Blue 



Today you can make plans to love a young person by:


Buy a coffee or meal to make a difference!



Make a donation & help change a life!



Join our team & help us make a difference!


Are you a Jude?

Are you someone who wants to Buy a Meal, Donate and Volunteer knowing with each action a young person’s life is being impacted?

If we can mobilise the Jude’s of this city we know we can change this epidemic of lostness, brokenness and death surrounding our young people.

The Jude Projects Include:

Each project impacting change in places which matter to young people.



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