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We know you want to help people’s dreams come true. But more than that, we know that you want to leave a legacy, to make a difference, to change people’s lives.

At Jude’s Cafe, we are a Cafe for Cause and that cause is young people. It’s Youth.

The Youth in your local community need you. Did you know that 1 in 4 of them are suffering from mental ill-health and 1 in 10 will self-harm. This is not ok.

At Jude’s we have a dream which will empower people like you to make a tangible difference. To do more than just share the latest ad campaign on social media.

And all you have to do is invite your friends around and host an “Eat with Jude” Party. In doing so, you will become a Jude’s ambassador and you will raise awareness of youth issues, and much needed money, for youth groups & youth projects in Launceston.

All with delicious food provided for by Jude’s Cafe.

We’ve made it easy for you: 

  1. Put your hand up to host an Eat with Jude’s Party
  2. Invite some friends
  3. Order some food from Jude’s
  4. Play our Story
  5. Ask for a Donation

So what do you say? Will you partner with us in making our dream a reality so that youth will go from lost, dying and broke, to vibrant, alive and well?

From the team at Jude’s Cafe, we look forward to eating with you soon.


How to Host an Eat with Jude Party.

Thank you for hosting an Eat with Jude Party and making a difference. You’re going to have an amazing evening of change, laughter, connection and love being sent on its way.

Please find some Eat with Jude Party Invitations.

If you want to charge an Entry Fee then please pop on the invitation the entry fee to the party. We recommend between $20 and $30 to cover the costs of food.

We encourage you at the end of the showing the video that you make available the donation cards and invite people to donate.

In asking people to donate please ask:

• Hand out the donation card

• Ask gently and with conviction. But leave the decision well and truly in the hearts of your guests.

• Collect the cards so they can be processed.

Download Our Eat With Jude Menu
Step One.


Eat with Jude Party Pre-Registration
Step Two.


Download our invite template and invite your friends!

Download Invites (Print version)
Download E-Invites
Step Three.


Eat, drink, laugh, tell stories & have fun!

eat with Jude Menu

eat with Jude Menu

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