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Family Box (6 mains, 3 sides)

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Let’s Fill Your Box!

Select 3 sides & 6 mains.

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* Each meal serves 1-2 people.



About the Family Box

Our Family Box is made up of your choice of 6 mains and 3 sides. Each main is 600g and is designed to serve 1 – 2 people.

Simply select your choices and hit add to cart.

To see your options and to check out the ingredients click here.

Additional information

Weight 5.205 kg
Dimensions 40 × 23.7 × 12.8 cm

6 Review(s)

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    To have some delish “go to’s” in the freezer on days I don’t have the brain power to cook is bliss. We also have been able to bless others with meals even though it was hard to part with them!

  2. Avatar

    These are really good on my lazy days n taste so good. Real quality homemade meals.

  3. Avatar

    These meals are awesome!! Lots of flavour! My favourite is coconut curry chicken and the bake potatoes a pretty scrumptious too!

  4. Avatar

    Great meals for those days when you have been at work all day and you just want to spend time with the kids and not in the kitchen. The Coq au vin is the bom.

  5. Avatar

    Loved the ease of meals from Jude’s Cafe. They were so tasty and made time off super easy. Thank you

  6. Avatar

    These meals tick all my boxes: delicious, healthy, allergy friendly, sustainable packaging and profits supporting youth in our local community.

    Having friends drop these meals when my mum was dying was a absolute god-send. The perfect gift for families who need some TLC, and as a wholesome alternative to fast food takeaway.

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