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School Mentoring

Bringing another level of support to teachers, families, children and youth.

Pastoral Care: 

 Our Mentors can provide support to young people in both one on one settings and in group settings. They are private, caring professionals. 

A trusted person teachers and families can turn to:  

They are accredited having gone through an accreditation process and choosing to abide by a professional Code of Conduct.

Specialised Skills: 

 Our Care Staff receive specialised training. Pastoral carers, not counsellors, they bring time, care and presence.

Help at hand:  

The school will have someone always ready when there’s a private need or major incident that needs a helping hand and caring voice.

Help to improve health:  

Our mentors are committed to supporting families, teachers, and students, their work is founded on a healthy model of respect and care.

A listening ear:  

The mentor offers a safe space – by listening to students, teachers when they’re going through tough times, without judgement.

Group work: 

Our mentors can provide basic self esteem programs for students in small group settings.

I would like:

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In 2019 our school mentors spent an afternoon per week in one of our local primary schools for 2 and a half terms.

Over the course of the terms our mentors worked closely with upper primary kids at risk of disengagement and ran small groups which were focused on teaching socialisation skills.

Our mentors saw friendless kids make new friends and helped create a culture of building each other up.




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