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Sport Chaplaincy

Bringing another level of investment to our young athletes.

Life isn’t always easy when the athletic life is all about performance.  They too experience mental health pressures.

The complete athlete performs at their peak.  To make this happen there needs to be another level of investment that cares for how they might win at life.

No athlete is going to be at their best if they’re not winning at life.

Our professionally trained chaplains can help lift athletes performance to another level by caring for the complete athlete – body, mind and soul.

What does a Sports Chaplain provide:

Pastoral Care: 

 Our chaplains can provide industry-leading support to athletes of all levels and ages. They are private, caring professionals.

A trusted person athletes and families can turn to: 

 They are accredited having gone through an accreditation process and choosing to abide by a professional Code of Conduct.

Specialised Skills:  

Sports chaplains receive specialised training. Pastoral carers, not counsellors, they give the club a higher level of investment.

Help at hand:  

The club will have someone always ready when there’s a private need or major incident that needs a helping hand and caring voice.

Help to improve your club’s health:  

Your chaplain will be committed to ensuring that the club is a stable, caring community, founded on a healthy model of respect and care.

A listening ear:  

The club chaplain will provide members a safe space – by listening to athletes and club members when they’re going through tough times, without judgement.



2019 Impact

Last year our sport chaplains gave 2 evenings a week to simply be present, to establish the chaplaincy presence.

As a result of this presence we saw 16 significant contact moments with individuals.

We were also able to empower 2 members to find better employment options.  This involved conversations around employment; help with job applications and in one instance it meant offering some work through Tailrace Events.

Separated by Covid united by care 2020

This year has seen sport separated by COVID but chaplaincy care continues.

During COVID we’ve still been active keeping in touch with the sporting clubs. Lot’s of text messages, phone calls and walk and talks with the players.

It’s been so important to stay in touch during this time as sport is a huge part of the players lives and the clubs are often their main source of community. Our goal has been to stay connected and simply be there as a source of support during this difficult time. 

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